FAQ's page two contains the following questions:

 Can I use my existing hosting company?
 Do you have any references?
 Whats your turn around time for servicing?
 Can I maintain and update my own Web site?
 I have never had a Web site before, what do I need to get a site going?
 What do I need to get an e-commerce site going?


We hope that this section will give you an idea of how we work, what is involved, and that it will also equip you with the questions you should ask when selecting a Web design team (should you decide to work with someone else).

What types of Web sites do you handle?

We can develop just about any type of site. Furthermore, we will develop the applications required for your business, integrate everything and teach you how to use it. If you already have a site but need to add anything to it then we will be happy to help you out. We will be glad to work with your existing print and marketing collateral to make sure that the branding of your company is properly placed on the web.

I have never had a Web site before, what do I need to get one going?

Call us and let's find out how you can benefit from the Web. We will talk about your business and see how it can take advantage of the Internet. After we decide the architecture and the sections your site will need then we can give you some guidelines on how to prepare your content. The most important item that you will need to prepare and provide is the written content and any digital images you wish to have featured. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to write up the content for your site then we will be happy to give you some guidelines.

Keep in mind we can do as much or as little hand holding as you'd like in order to prepare you for the web.

How do you go about making a design that will be appropriate for me?

Prior to working on any project we will spend time with you going over your business model, your marketing plans, any prior marketing efforts, and we will talk about the things you want your new site to say about you. Furthermore, we will analyze some of your key competitors and try to learn from their strengths and weaknesses. If you already have your design ideas or have seen a site that you really like then we can also work with that. You are also welcome to supply us with any digital images you want to use for your new site.

How many different mock-ups (designs) can I get?

You will get up to three different designs and if you still don't like anything then you can purchase additional designs. After being in business for over four years we have never had to go outside of the three designs. From day one of our contact we try to keep an open dialogue going in order to thoroughly analyze your business, your marketing plans, and your competition so as to understand the psychology behind the design.

Do I get to have any input on the design and development of the project or will I simply get a finished product?

Every time we finish a section of the site we will go ahead and upload it and email or call you so that we can get your feedback on it. It's important to us that you are satisfied with your site. After all, this is your identity that we are establishing.

What's the turn around time?

This always depends on the scope of the project as well as the current work handled by us. In general it takes us about a week to start working on a new project (and normally that time is spent analyzing your competitors and going through some creative brainstorming). Then, the project can take anywhere from one week and up. As an example, small brochure style Web site composed of 6-10 pages can be finished under three weeks of time.

Prior to starting the work on any project we will give you a time estimate.


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