Merchant Accounts and Gateways

What are they and what do I need...

A merchant account is something you need to process credit cards. The merchant account is your account that allows you to pull money from a customers credit card and deposit it into your bank account.

A gateway is the actual software component that upon a sale checks the customers credit card to make sure it has the valid funds, pulls those funds from them and deposits it into your merchant account. Gateways are needed ONLY if you want to have your transactions processed real time. is an authorized seller of gateways and Wells Fargo merchant accounts. We are passing these savings on to you:

Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Account

$149 onetime license and set up fee
$29.95 per month
$0.35 per transaction
2.39% fixed discount rate
$0.95 per eCheck transaction (optional service)

Gateway ONLY - if you already have a merchant account
$149 onetime license and set up fee
$20 monthly gateway fee
$0.10 per transaction

To apply for either item click here.

Feel free to contact us should you have any additional comments or questions.  Please be sure to read the fine print and make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions.  We did our research finding the best gateway and merchant account for you but now you have to do yours to make sure you are happy with everything!


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