Search Engine Optimization and Submission Services has recently teamed up with one of Englands top Search Engine optimization specialists and we now offer you his fleet of services at a discounted price.

Modern websites, even when they don't use Flash graphics, usually have lots of background programming for menus, dates, image display and so on. These pages, though they are attractive to look at and functional, are not often search engine friendly.

Tim Sharp has specialized in search engine work for several years for his UK based e-commerce clients and knows the way to get pages ranked highly for those important keywords.

He creates optimized pages for up to 4 specific keywords per page, and this then becomes the main search engine doorway into your website for those keywords - it's content is relevant to the keywords and the expectation is that the customer will click through to your website from this page, contact you or buy online.

The service works like this:

1. Discuss with Tim your preferred subject areas for keywords (can be dozens to start with).

Tim checks the list of keywords for popularity and returns a list of important ones plus any alternatives that may be better than the original. It's no use getting to number 1 for a particular keyword only to find that no-one uses it!

2. Keywords are agreed upon.

3. A product page is constructed and optimized. This page will look like a standard page from your website but stripped down to the essentials and then optimized to the hilt for the chosen keywords.

4. The page is submitted to a low-cost paid inclusion service (it's ranking in this service is based solely on the page's performance, there is no enhancement because of its paid status).

5. In about a week, it is possible to see how the page ranks for the keywords in a couple of search engines and if necessary, tweaks are made to the page to try to improve the ranking.

6. Once the page is ready, it is added to a submission mission that Tim runs regularly and stays there for a year, ensuring that the page is submitted to the important search engines, but not so often that the submission is treated as spam.

And the cost for all this? Just $300 with discounts for multiple pages.

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1. Is this an automatic service?

No, the work is bespoke for each individual client. A real human being assesses the importance and popularity of keywords and phrases and agrees things with the customer before starting the optimization work.

2. How long does the whole process take?

Generally between 2 and 4 weeks to the point where the page is submitted to the main search engines, depending upon the work needed to get acceptable rankings. The actual time spent on the whole process in work terms is usually between 5 and 6 hours, the extra is during setup and waiting for the paid inclusion to show results.

3. How long before my page shows up in search engines?

Some of them will be there in the first 2-4 weeks, but most will start being added once the general submissions start after the page is finalized. This process can take between 2 weeks and several months.

4. Will my page show up in all search engines?

This is very unlikely as there are some search engines that will not list a page at all, no matter how many times they are submitted. Also, search engines constantly change the way they index pages so that a page may be listed one day and the next it is not, or vice versa. The nature of the pages created with this service minimizes the risk of search engines suddenly deciding that pages are unsuitable and dropping them from their databases.

5. How did Tim come to be an optimization specialist?

He designs e-commerce websites for small mail order companies in the UK. These companies usually have tight budgets and do not understand the importance of the search engine side of things. Most search engine specialists are expensive, many offering paid inclusion services that are out of reach of the average small company. So, to ensure that his customers didn't lose out, he started to do the search engine work himself in 1999 and has become something of an expert.

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