Friends of Ithaca High School Class of 1994

If you know of anyone else from our class that you do not see on this list, please let me know and I will contact them to see if I can add them to the list. Thanks Everyone! Filip Laux

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Last Updated: 11/25/08
Latest updates:  George Plataniotis (BEST OF LUCK GEORGE!)
in alphabetical order: total: 110! or
(703) 352-2003, (703) 934-9647 or (703) 298-8548
10573 Assembly Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
info last updated: 8/27/04
Akiba, Takuma

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(646) 271-2713
Manhattan, NY
Info: I graduated from Cornell in 1998 with a BSc in Nutritional Sciences. I then went onto New York Medical College and will be graduating in May 2003. One of my interests has been traveling and in December I just visited my 34th country. I plan on doing a residency in internal medicine in either NY or MD but will continue to visit family and friends as often as possible in Nigeria and England.
Asuni, Bolanle (Bibi)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(323) 850-6684
1530 N. Poinsettia Pl., #232, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Currently working as a producer's assistant on "The West Wing," but I'm writing scripts to make the leap to a writing staff next season.
Babish, Aeden

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
5401 Bernhardt Ct., Wilmington, NC 28409
other comments: I've been living in Wilmington for two years with my Fiance Bryan Kristof and our dog Ozi and cat Mufasa. We will be married in October 2003. I work as a Research Assistant for Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD).
Baker, Kimberly

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): Changes all the time, send me an email
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): Livin' in Seattle, slacking off, enjoying life.
Baldini, Chris

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
snail mail address:4105 Madison Ave, Culver City, CA 90232
other comments: I'm currently a fifth year graduate student at UCLA, in clinical psychology. This year I'm working on finishing my disseration and applying for clinical internships for my final year. I'm really enjoying living in LA with my husband, Tyler, our two cats and our new puppy.
Barcelo, Lisa (now Lisa B. Story)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
address: 18 prospect st, norwalk, ct, 06850
doing systems analysis for hewitt associates.
Belbase, Anek

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): h: 310-209-9409; m:310-709-4591
snail mail address: 11050 Strathmore Drive, Apt. 308, Los Angeles, CA 90024
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): UCLA Law, enjoying the weather
Bell, Andrew

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I attended the University of Arkansas, in pursuit of an Early Childhood Education degree, from '94 to '98. I was married a year ago to Michael Alexander, Sr. (IHS class of '88) and we live in Ithaca with my 13 year-old stepson, Mike Jr. and our two kitties. I work in the human service industry providing education outreach here in Tompkins County, and I volunteer as a newsletter development teacher at MacCormick Secure Center and on the Board of Trustees of the Ithaca Montessori School. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!
info last updated: 7/26/04
Bell Rachel (now Rachel Alexander)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
snail mail address: Binghamton, NY
other comments: I am enjoying public school teaching.
info last updated: 8/15/07
Berkey, Neal

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After high school I went into the army for four years and lived in Germany for most it. Not long after I left the military I decided to attend massage school and I've been a licensed massage therapist for a few years now. I am, finally, going back to school and getting a degree in historical and comparative studies of religion. I have a couple more years left and then, who knows what's next. I just take it as it comes.
info last updated: 8/23/04
Blossom, Ariana

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Candor, NY 13743
Hi everybody.. Well, I am still here in Ithaca. I attended TC3 after High School. I worked as a Clinical Assistant in a Pediatric Office until 2 years ago. Currently I am working in the Clinical Pathology Lab in the College Of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. I have been with my Fiance', Todd for five years, and have plans to wed sometime in 2007. We are now making the plans to build our very first home. Life certainly is not exciting as some that I have read on this site, but it's a very comfortable one. Never thought that I would never leave my home town....
info last updated: 7/25/2006
Bordenet, Tracy

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
80 Besemer Road
Ithaca, New York 14850
I am the Director of the Caroline After School Program and currently working on my bachelors degree in Therapeutic Recreation at Ithaca College.
Bovi, Nancy

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
h - 617.393.1600 c - 781.910.4343
I moved to Boston in 2000 to work for a national education-technology non-profit where I worked to establish and grow state chapters across the country. I am now the Director of the TECH CORPS Boston Program - a volunteer-based ed-tech non-profit serving Boston Public Schools with the goal of training teachers, supporting administrators and exposing urban youth to technology. I have been club leader for the Ithaca College Boston Alumni Club for four years and last year I founded an advocacy group that provides support and social interaction to young professional women with Multiple Sclerosis. I paint, cook, write, travel and explore local art exhibits with my boyfriend, Lior.
info last updated: 7/7/2005
Carrier, Amy

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): 607-592-3436 cell
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): grad school at CU
Carrington, Gary

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
info last updated: 3/21/2006
Carruth, Erin (now Erin Carvelli)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number: 212 316 8650
snail mail address:500 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10027
other comments: Went to El Salvador after junior year, returned a year
ago to the U.S. I'm getting a M.A. in Political Science at Columbia University.
Centeno, Andres

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): 814-237-0020
snail mail address: 10 Vairo Blvd. Apt 243C, State College, PA 16803
other comments: Web programmer for Penn State University
Chabot, Mike

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
P (516)596-1888
I Live in NYC, graduated NYU in 1999 with a BA in Urban Studies. I have since worked in the music industry, and currently work for a Record distributor in Long Island.
Chacona, Nickolas

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
other comments: We just moved to Missouri where my husband Mike (IHS '93) is doing a post-doc at Washington University in St. Louis and I am a stay-at-home mom to our three girls.
info last updated: 7/12/07
Chase, Jessica (now Jessica White)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone: (973) 214-5373, Charlotte, NC , I Underwrite
other comments: Business Loans for Wachovia/First Union Bank
Ciolek, Dan

Ithaca High School Class of 1994 or it's the oakland a's, nothing else!!!!
i'm working at viva taqueria in ithaca, ny and have been since 1995. it's not glamorous but it pays my bills. no one else besides the bosses have been there as long as me so i feel good for that, and at the same time bad. i hope you understand what i mean by that.
info last updated: 6/07/04
Clark, Donald

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Phone: (c) - 516-906-9204
Other comments: Graduated from SUNY Brockport in '98 and headed right to NYC. Still living in NYC, working as a Producer/Writer for MTV Networks.
Clark, Eric M.

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I'm an veterinarian, graduated from Colorado State University in 2002 and lived in San Diego doing my internship the year after that. I'm now living in Herndon, Virginia, with my boyfriend and two dogs. I'm working as an emergency veterinarian and enjoying life outside of school!
Crispell, Sara

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Living: Syracuse, NY
What I am doing: After IHS I graduated from Ithaca College and then Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. I am in the middle of completing my residency training in Pediatrics. I am overworked and underpaid, but I love getting to do pediatrics everyday. Despite what Mahesh may say, Kentucky, not Duke, is still the real center of the college basketball world. Unfortunately, I cant make the reunion because I am working in the Peds ER the whole weekend, sorry.
info last updated: 8/11/04
Eckrich, Michael

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I live west of Rochester in LeRoy. I graduated from Cornell in 1998 and got married to Paul Virkler. We lived in Italy after we got married and then came back to Western New York. I work at Genesee Community College and am in grad school for Public Administration at SUNY Brockport.
info last updated: 8/24/04
Eshelman, Emily (now Emily Virkler)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s):(503)629-3066
snail mail address: 2382 NW Doncaster Terr. Hillsboro, OR 97124
other comments: Finished B.S. Chemistry at Boston College,1998, & Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering at Northwestern University, Feb 2003. Married Keith Martin June 28, 2003 in Ithaca. We are both currently working for Intel's Logic Technology Group as Senior Process Engineers in the metro Portland area.
info last updated: 12/29/03
Fabbroni, Elizabeth

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After IHS I went to school at Northeastern and ended up staying in Boston through 2001. I moved to Hong Kong in Jan 2002 (for work) and am still here and traveling regularly throughout Asia-Pac for work and leisure. I met a British-Chinese girl here about 1.5 years ago and we are getting married in November 2004. I will most likely be living here for a long time, so if you’re headed this way please let me know.
info last updated: 6/5/04
Falso, Tony

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Location: Cambridge, MA
I live in Cambridge not far from Harvard Square, with my girlfriend Megan and insane cat Maggie. I work as a freelance User Interface Designer (making software and Web sites easier for people to use) and spend much of my free time rock climbing.
Feldman, David

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
619 379 1349 (cell)
3525 Lebon Drive Apt 013
San Diego, CA 92122
I'm finishing my last year of Mechanical Engineering at UCSD, bartending, and work for a company called SPAWAR (Naval Space and Warfare Systems Command) even though I am a civilian again.
Ferrell, Paul

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): (719) 597-4865 (h),(781) 223-7236 (c)
snail mail address: 5150 Thistle Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80917
I moved to Colorado Springs in November 2003 with my then-fiancee, Adelia, and we got married at Breckenridge ski resort in May 2004. I'm just finishing a Ph.D. in medical image analysis and am now looking for a job here in Colorado where we spend every free minute skiing, hiking, and enjoying the views.
info last updated: 8/24/04
Fridman, Yoni

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After graduating from Boston University and working for (Boston) Mayor Menino for several years, I moved to Boulder, CO and began a career in nonprofit fundraising. In 2006, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began working for the Save-the-Redwoods League. I spend every free moment either hiking or lounging on the beach!
info last updated: 5/29/06
Gabriel, Jennifer

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
117 Warwick Place, Ithaca, NY 14850
What I'm doing: Just finished Masters in Architecture at Penn, and am planning on returning home to Ithaca for a break from urban-life. I plan on haunting the Farmers Market obsessively and returning to my old runs up Buffalo Hill.
info last updated: 6/1/04
Galbreath, Sarah

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
p: 740-362-5555
Graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May '98 with a business degree in marketing. Attending Ohio State University's MBA program. I married Doug Sharapan (we met at Penn State) in March 2001. No kids, but have three dogs. Working as Market Research Analyst
info last updated: 7/11/04
Gallagher, Gina (now Gina Sharapan)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(650) 965-9826
4482 Hardwood St, Fremont, CA 94538
comments: Doing software development out in California for VA Software (formerly VA Linux formerly VA Linux Systems formerly VA Research, yeah dot com boom...)
info last updated: 12/15/05
Garza, Ariel

Ithaca High School Class of 1994 or
W: 713-755-5800
Comments: I am an assistant district attorney in Houston, Texas. Moment of fame: being a witness in the DWI trial of Houston Rocket's player Steve Francis. Not married, have a dog.
Gilbert, Alexis

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
h 718-884-8576 w 845-634-3619 c 845-893-4840
3512 Oxford Avenue, Apartment 6E, Riverdale, NY 10463
I graduated University of Maryland and moved to LA to attend grad school where I re-met my husband, James. (We first met in Israel during college. Who's suprised?) We now live in the Bronx with our daughter, Gavriella Rose, born Aug 2. I am also the Assistant Principal of a Hebrew School.
nee Glass, Ann (now Ann Lapin)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

phone number(s): (607) 272 2381 Grover, Steven

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): (203) 858-5249
snail mail address: 166 E. Ave. #2, Norwalk, CT 06854
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): Working for Pepperidge Farm in Marketing, been there just over 3 years.
Hamilton, Rob

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): I graduated from Smith College in '98, and received an MA in History and a Masters of Library Science from SUNY Albany in 2001. I currently live outside of Boston, and work for a non-profit that helps libraries, archives, historical societies, museums, etc., take better care of their paper-based materials. Outside of work, I started running seriously in '02 and completed the Chicago marathon in October '03.
info last updated: 2/3/04
Hatcher, Rebecca

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Phone: 610 246 4079
Address: 1062 Lancaster Ave, Apt 310, Rosemont, PA 19010
Other Comments: I graduated from Penn State in 1999 and have lived in the Philadelphia area for almost 4 years now. I work for Accenture (Consulting Company), in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Herath, Roshani

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Graduated from SUNY Purchase with a bachelors degree in literature (really useful, I know). Lived in the Bronx for a couple years and currently reside in Westchester, NY (but visit Ithaca often). I sold my soul and work in an insurance company, but would like to attend grad school in a couple years. Congratulations to all on your various accomplishments!
info last updated: 8/27/04
Hill, Selena

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
address: 112 Jersey Street Apartment 12A Boston MA 02215
other comments: I graduate from Penn. State in 1998. I then worked as an outpatient therapist for recently released psychiatric patients. In 2000 I moved to Pittsburgh where I worked for Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic as a Milieu Therapist and for UPMC in the radiology department conducting fMRI studies on clinical population. I have been married to a wonderful woman for the past two years and we are currently living in Boston where I am attending the Harvard University Clinical Psychology program.
info last updated: 11/12/03
Holmes, Avram

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone: 617-957-4696
address: 50 Boylston St. #2L, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
other comments: designing project-based curriculum for after school programs, becoming a Red Sox fan (how could I not after 5 years in Boston?), and getting married fall 2003.
Horn, Mary Beth

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): 919.401.6813
snail mail address: 514 High Ridge Dr., Durham, NC 27707
other comments: Attending graduate school at Duke University
House, Leanna

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Been teaching elementary school computer classes in Beaverton, OR for the last 8 years. Met my husband, Hugh, in Oregon and married in 2005.
Currently on leave of absence and traveling the U.S. for Hugh's school.
Don't know where we'll end up once done but probably the Northwest somewhere.
Irwin, Nancy

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): (407) 810-3636
snail mail address: P.O. Box, 780701, Orlando, Fl 32878
other comments: I graduated from Cornell in '98 with a BS in Industrial Labor Relations and headed to Manhattan to take a position as a Strategic Consultant at Monitor Company. A bit later, I left Manhattan with colleagues from the firm to found a Fiber Optics Company-EPIK Communications. Amassed a 'lock-box' of stories & memoirs about dot.coms/telecom/big business/and greed. Would write a book if I weren't so afraid of the mafia & the SEC :) Nonetheless, recently left EPIK to found and start two ventures: a Golf Apparel Company named Golfgodsgear ( & a Satellite Technologies Company. If you're wondering how the two mesh...I don't really know...However, living in Florida mandates that you have to do something with Golf
Jackson, NaShawndra K.

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I am currently a Financial & Business Systems Analyst for a small company in Ithaca that builds components for satellites.  I graduated from Wells College in '98 with a degree in Math and I am 3 classes from getting a second bachelors degree in Accounting.  I just bought a house outside of Freeville and so far so good.  I keep myself busy, when work and school do not, reading, taking ballroom dance lessons, enjoying the best of the Finger Lakes wines and trying to convince my kitten not to destroy my stuff.
info last updated: 2/23/05
Jensen, Anna

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Attended University at Albany for undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 2001, I had my first child, Sydney, received my MPA in Public Finance, and moved to MD to work for Social Security Administration Headquarters as a Budget Analyst (busy year). In 2005, I embarked on the adventurous ride of home ownership. I currently live in Windsor Mill Maryland
info last updated: 12/13/07
Johnson, Sekeyi

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
My name is Shajuanna Brooks but then it was Shajuanna Johnson.  Well now I live in Goldsboro, NC on the other side of Raleigh, NC.  I am married with three boys and if anybody remembers I had my first son my senior year his name is Jalen.  I have my BS in Accounting and work at a local high school in my area.  My husband and I just a brought our first house a year ago.  I also have decided to start an home based business becoming a travel agent. Hope to hear from some old classmates. 
info last updated: 7/20/06
Johnson, Shajuanna (now Shajuanna Brooks)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(518) 424-5491 (c)
121 Fulton Street, Unit #1, Boston, MA 02109
Harvard Business School, MBA 2003
I am currently a second year MBA student at Harvard Business School in Boston. I live with my fiancée Ben in the North End. I will graduate in the summer of 2003 and look for permanent employment in the Boston area. Ben and I will be married in the summer of 2004.
Key, Amanda Ellen

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After graduating from Cornell in '98 with a degree in Communications, I got an entry level job at a VIBE spin-off, start-up hip hop magazine Blaze. Right before they folded, I went to SOHH.COM as a Content Director. Right before the parent company declared bankruptcy, I took at gig at VIBE Magazine as the Lifestyle/Tech Editor. I stayed there for five years and wrote several cover stories, started a new section and made numerous TV appearances on CNN, MTV, VH1 and even Access Hollywood. Right now I'm the Senior Editor for at STYLE.MTV.COM. On the side (a second job really), I have a marketing/creative ad agency, Seed Communications ( And with Seed, I launched Inked (, a high-end, tattoo lifestyle quarterly for which photographer Jesse Winter (IHS '94) has shot for several times. I currently live in lower Manhattan and I try to see my younger sister, Young Jee Kim (IHS '96), as much as I can but it gets tough with the crazy city life.
info last updated: 1/23/06
Kim, Hyun

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
4703 Milford Rd., Wilmington, NC 28405
I am currently teaching math at Topsail High School in Hampstead, NC. I will be moving to Charloette, NC in June to go for a degree in Civil Engineering at UNC Charlotte.
Kish, Jonathan

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
201-222-1881 (home)
One River Court Apt. 501, Jersey City, NJ 07310
other comments: After IHS, I attended Cornell University -- I received a B.A. in Mathematics in 1998, and a Master of Engineering in OR&IE two years later. Currently living in Jersey City, NJ. I am working as an Actuarial Analyst for a reinsurance brokerage company in NYC. Married on March 15, 2001 at Cornell Plantations in Ithaca to Hoon Kong.
Knezevic, Sonja (now Sonja Knezevic-Kong)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994 or
Snail mail is 500 W 123rd Ave, Apt 3111, Westminster, CO 80234
other comments: I went to Cornell, moved to Seattle a year after graduation, and have just this fall moved from Seattle to Denver, Colorado. I spent three years in Seattle as a paramedic in field response and on a mobile critical care unit. This fall I applied to the University of Colorado's Physician Assistant program, which has a specialization in pediatric medicine.
Knoblauch, Beth

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
201-222-1881 (home)
One River Court Apt. 501, Jersey City, NJ 07310
other comments:
After IHS I attended Cornell University -- graduated in 1998 with a B.S in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering. Currently living in Jersey City, NJ. Running my own web design and programming company. Married on March 15, 2001 at Cornell Plantations in Ithaca to Sonja Knezevic.
Kong, Hoon

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Only spent 9th grade with everyone on this list, fond memories of Mrs. Loomis’ AP Bio w/David Posen, Mahesh, and Ilya … Filip just reminded me of the glorious days of Honors Math w/Mr. Drix … in any case, moved to Iowa City, IA in 10th grade, mom got a job teaching at the University of Iowa (go Hawkeyes!) … I graduated from Princeton University in 1998, started my own IT Consulting firm, IT Partners in 2001, worked for a few technology companies before and after starting the company, WinMill Software, Doublespace, Beliefnet … got married June 4, 2006 to Dr. Dianah Hanson, now Dr. Dianah Lake … great to see everyone’s names here, brings back some very old memories!
info last updated: 6/29/06
Lake, Jahmal

Ithaca High School Class of 1994   Web: (my company)
phone number(s): 412-368-1604
other comments: Graduated from Cornell where I met my wife. lived in Hawaii the past 4.5 yrs. Travelled all over Asia.  After that I lived in Pittsburgh the past 4 years and I just moved to NYC. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl late September. Otherwise still dealing with a serious addiction to PS2, GameCube, Xbox, GBA and other video games...
Daughter Maya was born on 9/23/06. Exhausted but loving it
info last updated: 10/3/06
Laux, Filip (now Filip Galiza - long story)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone: 706.340.2753
snail mail: 500 Bloomfield St. #4, Athens,GA
other comments:..never graduated from IHS (left in '91), but am doing well...Getting my MS in fluvial geomorphology/geology at Univ. of georgia in athens...
Lichtenstein, Karin

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Long Beach, CA
I graduated from R.I.T., Rochester, NY with a B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology in 1999. I am working for a trade show company as an engineer in North Hollywood, CA.
info last updated: 6/3/04
Lu, Quoc

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s):6072797722
other comments:currently living in Ithaca; I work as an electrical engineer at Cornell. I design and deploy devices to study animals in very remote locations.
MacCurdy, Robert

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(804) 358- 1044, home (305) 321 3665 cel
I am currently living in Richmond, Virginia, playing in the Richmond Symphony. After school in Cleveland and an orchestra job in Miami, this is quite the happy medium, and not the confederate south I was expecting! I've been lucky to travel a lot, either for work or fun (often both), and have the greatest dog, Zeus, at my side. If anyone is in the Richmond/D.C. area, give me a call!
info last updated: 9/5/04
Markowitz, Stacy

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
50 West Third St, Ronkokoma, NY 11779
McCann, Jonathan Max

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
playing pool, playing with computers, rescuing fair maidens (thats the only polite term I can think of), and working at John Thomas SteakHouse.
info last updated: 12/29/04
McCarrick, Kevin

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

amccarty @

info last updated: 2/21/06
McCarty, Alan

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): 703-796-3589
snail mail address: Reston, Virginia
other comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): Working as a corporate librarian in the Watergate building in DC and hanging out with Kyle.
McKeown Armstrong, Kristen

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
snail mail: 112 Winter St #2 Portland, ME 04102
cell phone: 207.653.1996
Pursuing MS in Special Education, fiddling and singing with Mom's Home Cookin'
info last updated: 6/1/04
Mix, Carolyn

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Graduated with my MBA in May 2001. Working at Citizens Bank as a Corporate Lender in Providence. Married Stan House (surprise-surprise) and bought a home last year in between Boston and Providence.
Mobbs, Jolie  (now Jolie House)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I am currently attending Cortland State for a Criminology degree, I hope to start a pet therapy program in a local detention center. I live in Brooktondale, with five kids (they are dogs!) and an array of foster pets. I am a counselor and am involved in community education for a local non profit dog rescue organization and am involved in pet therapy when time permits.
Munch, Melissa

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

for more information on Shane Myers please read Alexis Santi update below.
info last updated: 3/16/05
Myers, Shane

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Philadelphia, PA
other comments: I'm at the University of Pennsylvania somewhere in the midst of an MD/PhD program. Right now, I'm working full time in lab and enjoying living in Philly. I think Sarah G. lives somewhere near me.
Nasrallah, Ilya

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

info last updated: 12/22/05

Nee, William

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Just finished my Pediatrics residency at Duke and moved to Pittsburgh to start a fellowship in Allergy & Immunology. I actually live 5 minutes away from Filip, so I see him quite often. Pittsburgh is a nice city and I am looking forward to my 2 years here.
info last updated: 8/30/05
Netravali, Mahesh

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
3813 Double Eagle Ct #3217 Orlando, Florida 32839.
(407) 963-4909.
I am currently in the process of opening my own restaurant in downtown Orlando while also consulting and operating one of my partners catering company. Recently graduated with my MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Central Florida.
Newton, Jesse

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Los Angeles, CA
Description: After graduating from UCLA in '98 with a degree in Political Science, I worked briefly for a law firm before quiting to pursue work in politics. Since then, I have been with several campaigns, a nonprofit doing political stuff, and a federal legislator. I am currently with Senator Barbara Boxer's reelection campaign. Enjoying my work and life in a big city. This fall I will finally be going back to UCLA to get my Masters in Urban Planning.
info last updated: 6/1/04
Nguyen, Aiha

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): +44 781 274 2972
other comments: Living and working as consultant in London, UK and travelling as much as possible.
Noyes, Jen

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
My husband Kevin and I are living in the Ithaca area.  I'm just finishing up my masters degree in Reading and Literacy, but spend most of my time with my four-month-old daughter, Jaina.
info last updated: 2/27/05
Oliver, Amanda (now Amanda Robbins)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone numbers: home 607-272-2129
address: 930 East Shore Dr., Ithaca, NY 14850
other comments: Now living a stone's throw away from the high school on the lake. Working at Cornell Lab of Ornithology on whale communcation for the next 1-2 years.
info last updated: 2/11/04
Parks, Susan

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone #: 617-504-0322
comments: live in Boston working as an accountant for a real estate investment company.
Parziale, Vince

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
23 Paynter St.
Bear, DE 19701
I am currently working at MBNA America where I am a quality analyst. I recently got married and am living in Delaware with my husband Lance and our two dogs.
Patterson, Sheila (now Sheila Howard)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

(Work) (Home)
(Work) 212.301.4037 (Cell) 646.515.2260
Graduated from Cornell in 1998 with my bachelors in Applied Economic Management. Moved to NYC and worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. for two years doing project management. Decided to pursue my MBA at Case Western Reserve University and received my degree in Banking, Finance and Marketing in 2002. Went to work Morgan Stanley as an internal wholesaler for a year before joining National Financial Partners in their M&A group. Still with NFP but am on leave.

In June of 2007, was diagnosed with Cancer (Multiple Myeloma). More recently, on July 10, 2008 I underwent a Stem Cell Autologous Transplant and on September 11, 2008 did an Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant from my brother to try and save my life. Not sure what the outcome will be but spirits are very good and Doctors are optimistic. Before transplant I had a 0 percent chance of long term survival, now I have a 60 percent chance. I am now recovering at home and hopefully will return to a normal life sometime in the Spring of 2009. Thanks for all the well wishes and all the best to each of you.
info last updated: 11/25/08

Plataniotis, George

Ithaca High School Class of 1994 or
home phone 630-783-8621
snail 205 Meadowbrook Dr., Bolingbrook, IL 60440
other comments: married on Aug. 17, 2002. graduated from Western Kentucky University May 2002 BA Photojournalism. working at the Beacon News in Aurora, IL as a photo technician currently but want a job as a photographer journalism preferably.
Pierro, Brian

Ithaca High School Class of 1994   Web:
Snail Mail: 780 A Wembley Drive Frederick, MD. 21701
other comments: I'm still working as a Research Meteorologist for SAIC at the NWS's Sterling Test and Evaluation Site in Northern VA. Just celebrated 1 year of marriage, great! We also just found out that we are going to be parents, infact parents of TWINS! they are due around June 15th 2005. Still working on the MS in Env. Bio all I have to do is finish my independent research, but I'm having more fun just taking a bunch of no-needed classes for the hell of it. I think I'll finish it up in the summer of '05. If you want more info on the babies go to
info last updated: 11/18/04
Poyer, Aaron J.

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Just finished my masters in science education; will be teaching 6th grade general science this fall.
info last updated: 7/12/04
Reese, Jen

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I have been living in Maine since I left IHS in 1994. I ran track at UMaine and received my B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Engineering in 1998 and 2000. I currently practice at a small environmental engineering consulting firm in the area. I convinced Travers Evans, who coaches soccer at UMaine, to marry me in 1999, and have since produced two offspring. I spend my not-so-free time running, watching UMaine sports (go BlackBears), hiking in Acadia, reading one paragraph at a time from my book of the year, and of course playing with my kids, which is so much fun!(who knew?)
info last updated: 10/18/04
Riley, Johanna (now Johanna Evans)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): 202-543-2976
703 8th St SE Apt 2, Washington, DC 20003
other comments: Currently- Graduate student in public health at The George Washington University. Working at the Washington D.C. Department of health in the bureau of chronic disease prevention. Additional info- engaged to fellow Oberlin graduate and getting married in Ithaca June 28th.
Roberts, Katherine

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(703) 830-9554
Clifton, VA 20124
I lived in Boston seven years, got my Masters in Music, and worked as a pastry chef at Sonsie (Newbury Street, Boston) and Citronelle (Georgetown, D.C.). I now teach violin to kids in D.C. and I make wedding cakes. I joined a swing-dancing team and I'm getting married in January 2005.
info last updated: 1/28/05
Rumsey, April

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Currently living between Boston and Providence in Norton, MA. Left my job in investment banking to sell baseball cards on ebay full time. No, I'm not kidding.
Rumsey, Roger

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(201) 656-5435
235 Hudson Street, Apt. 306 Hoboken, NJ 07030
Lived in Manhattan for 4+ years. Moved to Hoboken, NJ last year where I am enjoying married life. Left the world of real estate finance to pursue a career in Human Resources.
Sandman, Nicole (now Nicole Karp)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I graduated from Hobart in '99 with a BA in Creative Writing, joined the Peace Corps and took off for Romania, learned three languages and traveled all over Europe.Got back to the states, moved to DC. Working for the Federal Government, The Export Import Bank of the US, in IT of all places. I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University in 2006. In the winter of 2006 I received a grant from the Romanian Cultural Institute to translate Romanian literature. I recently moved back to Ithaca to my career and sort out some family affairs. I will be in Ithaca for what appears to be the immediate future. Drop a line if you float back into town.
Address: 433 N Aurora Street, Apt 1S, Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone number: 202-258-3255
info last updated: 10/10/07
Santi, Alexis E.

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After Ithaca College, I moved to Montpelier, Vermont for an internship with National Wildlife Federation. That led to a few years doing free-lance website design for environmental non-profits. After a few years of staring at computers and sitting at desks, I had enough and went to massage school and struggled through practice for a year in this extremely crowded market (I can think of twenty advertising massage therapists in this town of 8,000 off the top of my head). Now I'm delivering for an organic bakery; not the professional or high-paying job I always imagined but it provides the perfect mix of low stress, lots of free time, and work that serves people directly in their day to day lives. Also, I've been doing lots of volunteer work with the Vermont Progressive Party including my best friend's unsuccessful run for state representative in 2002. Just finished an album with my friend Nick self-produced on our home computers. I'm also starting to work on producing environmentally-themed public access video programs.
info last updated: 8/15/04
Sharp, James

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
other comments: I am the Assistant Director in the Grant & Contract Services office at the University of Washington.
Schaufler, Renee (now Renee Carruthers)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I am in North Carolina now, and have been for the last 8 years. I met my husband here almost 6 yrs ago. We have a child who will soon be 4 years old. Currently I am an assistant manager for Time Warner Cable collections department. NC has been great for me. Not only did I find my loving husband here, but I also found my love of God and myself.
info last updated: 2/21/05
Sisler, Jai (now Jamie Lewis)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone number(s): (718)575-3821
snail mail address: 99-22 67th Rd. Apt. 6D Forest Hills, NY 11375
other comments: I graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine last May and am currently a first-year family practice resident at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY. I married my college sweetheart in June of 2000, and am now living the city girl life and loving it.
Smith, Kelly (now Kelly Horn)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
After graduating IHS, I moved to Emmaus, PA (near Allentown). I attended a community college earning my Associates degree in Business Administration.
I then transferred to Kutztown University where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Adminstration with a concentration in Business Managment & Marketing. Since 2003, I've been working for Dan's Camera City in Allentown doing Accounts Receivables. I have been happily married since May 2004.
info last updated: 12/11/06
Smits, Dorothy (now Dorothy Reifinger)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994 ( feel free to email at any time)
After high school I went to TC3. I worked at Wegmans until I got married in 1999. My husband Patrick and I have been married for almost 8 years now. We have lived in NY,TX, HI and now VA. My husband is in the Army. I had our first baby in Nov. You can check out pictures of her on our web site We will be moving to Ft. Lewis Washington in 2008. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to email.
info last updated: 12/20/06
Soyring, Tracy (now Tracy Patterson)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
Brooklyn, NY
Escaped the office for a summer in the woods of Maine, did some travelling, now freelancing part time (hmm, back in an office) and in school for a masters in English education at Columbia.
info last updated: 11/04/04
Stasavage, Maria

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I spent 8 years working as a consultant up and down Wall Street as well as doing my time in the DC area working for major telecomms. Recently l changed my pace a little bit and packed my bags, moving out to Phoenix, AZ. I've taken a position as Director of IT for a console and pc game development company. The place is hot, really hot. But the work is exciting and I'm looking foward to the next chapter of my life eagerly.
info last updated: 7/31/06
Stewart, Max

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
H (310) 287 2027, M (323) 377 6422
3767 Clarington Ave. #325, Los Angeles, CA 90034
I majored in Business and Minored in film at USC, and spent a semester abroad in Australia. I have been living in Los Angeles and working in the production of film and television since January 1998.
Thomas, Matt

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
607-330-4578 or 607-330-4580..
I started working at the CU Dairy Store in ’95 as a temporary job before going to school.. I was planning on going to The Culinary Institute of America, and hopefully either expand my parents catering business or start my own place.. After being there less then a year I was promoted to the store's supervisor and made a full time employee. I continued to work at the Cornell Dairy Store up until 2000, when I decided to transfer to Albert R. Mann Library, which is where I currently reside. Here at Mann I’m the backup for the Night, and Stacks Supervisors, work at the circulation desk, record and prepare statistics for the library, and write costume databases and their interfaces for Mann and a few other libraries on campus, as well as a few odds and ends here and there.. Currently, I am in the process of moving hopefully for the last time. I and my partner Wes are moving back out to Enfield , where I grew up, in March of 2005. I am also helping my youngest sister Leilani with her wedding which is in June 2005, after which we hope to start working on my families businesses and get them back up and running to full speed again.

Trutt, Tom

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
address: SF Bay Area and Hong Kong
I graduated from Berkeley (barely made it) in B.S. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry back in 99. Now working at Hitachi (formly IBM) hard disk drive industry. Making just enough money to survive in the bay area, at the same time, support all my travels here and there... I guess I just love visiting other places/countries.
info last updated: 6/15/04
Tsang, Douglas

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
1300 Lincoln Village Circle, Apt 258, Larkspur, CA 94939
Graduated IC with a degree in film (guaranteed unemployment). Went to art school in Savannah, Georgia for my MFA where I worked on art history and becoming a good 'ole boy. Escaped there to go work in Portland, OR at Will Vinton Studios doing commercials (mostly M & M's). Got tired of working on commercials selling candy to little kids, so I moved down to San Francisco to work at Industrial Light and Magic. Now I am working as a character TD on the visual effects for Van Helsing and Star Wars: Episode III so we can sell toys to little kids! ;-)
info last updated: 11/12/03
White, Jeff

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
(202) 785-8195.
I am living in DC getting my MA in International Training and Education at American.
info last updated: 11/11/03
Winn, Elizabeth (now Bowman)

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone: 480-358-1551
I have lived in Mesa, Arizona for almost 8 years now. I had a chance to re-start my life (and I needed to) and an opportunity arose to come to Az, and I took it. The best thing I ever did.
info last updated: 8/29/04
Woollard, Ryan

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
phone: (408) 260-0764
addr: 3259 Benton street, Santa Clara, CA 95051
comments: Working as a software engineer in the Bay area. Snowboarding in the winter, windsurfing in the summer :)
Yanovsky, Ken

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
snail mail address: Boston, Massachusetts
comments (where you are, what you are doing, etc...): Graduated from Cornell with a B.A. in '98; completed law school in and passed the MA bar in '01. Now an attorney, specializing in Business Litigation. Still doing some acting/theatre on the side (recent projects for Cisco Systems, EarringMaster and ClairePhoto). Some modeling--print in ImagineNews (October '03 issue). Enjoying a lot of traveling around Europe lately. Authored article entitled "Is My Baby ’Defective’? Fetal Genetic Testing as Part of a Public Health Care Plan," published by the Suffolk University Law Review (2003).
info last updated: 1/25/04
Yen, Jennifer

Ithaca High School Class of 1994
I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology from Ithaca College, then I went on to study Art Therapy at Nazareth College in Rochester. I currently own my own business, Sage Arts Center for Artistic Expression in Rochester, N.Y. My fiance, Brian and I just bought a house and are getting married in June 2004 (in Ithaca!).
info last updated: 1/27/04
Youst, Shannon

Ithaca High School Class of 1994

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