Driven by Form and Function . . .

Its not about designing pretty web sites anymore. Its all about creating a hybrid solution that's both visually and contextually rich as well as easy to use for anyone who comes to your web site. This is a focal point of development that both and have been driving over the past four years. Our existence has a two fold purpose which is to help you get the right web site for your organization and, if you arleady have a web site, provide you with additional information so that you can tune up and streamline your site.

We have been designing and developing web site solutions for four years now anything from small five page web sites to database driven dynamically fluid multi thousand page / product web sites.

For quite some time has been known to deliver extremely competetive and very comprehensive web site solutions. Imagine a site that has the ability to direct the consumer straight to the products and services you would like them to see; no blundering, no frustrations and no ambiguity. Its about efficiency and ease of use and we stride to incorporate those elements everywhere into our sites. With that in mind we realized that we not only wish to help those who are first time web owners, or about to become ones, but also those who already have the experience and wish to focus their skills on further enhancing their sites usability model and to further market their products/services.

Our advantage is derived from our missions critical focus which is to satisfy our clients by meeting their costumers needs and expectations. We have witnessed a serious shake-up in the internet industry. Many web sites went bankrupt and it wasn't because of poor products or services. At times lack of capital killed them. In other instances the lack of proper navigational structure, frustrating web site usage, poor security as well as poor information architecture drove the final nail. is a combined effort between and its Australian partner, Jaimz Applications Group, to help users who need a web site get the right solution and to assist those who already have a site to further strengthen it and the marketing efforts that enompass it.

 The Man Behind The Plan . . .

The owner and starter of both and WebPageCreation.Org is a Cornell University graduate, Filip Galiza. When developing WebPageCreation.Org his focus was to generate a company that not only helps business gain good online momentum but also to develop a resource rich web site for those who don't have the expansion capital to reinvent themselves. Hence WebPageCreation.Org was created; a site that will help those who need to develop an online presence as well as assist others who need an area rich of resources.

Owner and Architect of both and WebPageCreatin.Org - Filip Galiza
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