As you've already discovered there are millions of sites that offer information ranging from Marketing to Programming but a lot of them are just plain rubbish.  Here is a list of sites that we like to frequently visit to keep our design and development skills up to date. If you know of any great sites then holler and share it with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's - A collection of questions and answers dealing with design, development, budgeting and more. Learn about the work process involved in creating a site.  Click here to learn more.


Search Engine Marketing - We have recently teamed up with one of Englands finest Search Engine Specialists.  Click here to learn more.

 Jupiter Research - If you're very serious about your marketing data and want to purchase it then this is one of the best Marketing data firms out there.

 Internet PR Guide - offers public relations tips and strategies and an extensive directory of online PR resources for Internet professionals.

 Market Research on the Web - covers all you'd ever want to know about culling qualitative and quantitative lowdown about your site users.

 Drumming Up Web Traffic on the Cheap

 Tips on How To Write a News Release

 The Pros & Cons of E-mail Marketing

 StatMarket - Concise data on web usability.

 Web Marketing Articles. This site has a plethora of good articles ranging from banners to site traffic analysis and more.

 Commision Junction - "Pay For Performance"

 Promotion 101 - another site offering good advice on web site promotion

Design - wonderful area for all of Flash Resources such as tutorials, audio loops, FAQs and more. - someone with a TON of design experience

General - Jacob Nielsen's company site. FYI Jacob Nielsen is considered to be the Internet Usability Guru. He has several published books and contains a ton of advice that will help you improve your site. - Terrific overall site containing articles from marketing to programming to online etiquette.

 Killing Splash Screens - Terrific Article about Splash Screens.

 Download Software for free, evaluate and buy whatever you need. - a variety of resources for webmasters. I strongly encourage all of my clients to visit this site as it deals with not only technical but marketing aspects as well.


 ActionScript.Org - All of the scripting you will ever need for flash work.

 Developers Resources - Open Source software development, and other collaborative forms of Web development

Merchant Accounts & Wells Fargo Combo
I have done an extensive amount of research and believe it or not I found both a merchant account and a gateway provider who I can strongly recommend. If you are in search of a merchant account/gateway -or- if you are only looking for a gateway only then click here. If you have questions pertaining to why you should consider Wells Fargo and to be your merchant account provider / gateway then feel free to email me.

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