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I offer design, development, SEO and marketing services with 20+ years of experience in online marketing.

Monday through Saturday
I handle clients all over the United States, U.K., and Hong Kong
I build and market websites for just about any industry.
" Filip's marketing, and technical knowledge is outstanding. He turned our site from a digital brochure to a revenue generating, customer supporting brand! "
James Morris,
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Site Brand Design

We design, develop and help your company’s site(s) go online. We create unique and powerful visual messages that capture your visitors the moment they arrive at your site. We develop sites that are a “hub” of all things about your business with a unique look and feel that gives you a solid visual brand. Our websites are compliant with the key search engine requirements so that you are included and visible in their database. Our sites are also designed to be computer, tablet and smartphone friendly.

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Wyatt Morris,
When not working I am hiking with my amazing kids. I really enjoy web development and when on vacation, mountains!
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SEO Marketing and positioning can be a very complicated process.  Search engines have been over saturated with all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to get sites ranked to the top and because of this search engines have implemented very strict rules to follow in order to get good search engine positioning.  To maximize your presence and site exposure,  there are three types of advertising/marketing approaches you will need to be prepared for.

Local SEO
Did you know that Local SEO is different than National SEO?
Organic SEO
Organic Search Engine positioning – This involves heavy optimization of content and keyword research, proper write up, mapping and more to make sure that search engines fully understand everything about your products and services.
Adword Campaigns
AdWord Campaigns – This service involves setting up small ads that you will pay per click. Writing an appropriate ad that targets your audience, your audiences location, demographics and so forth is a bit of a balancing act. The good news is we know how to do it!
Social Media
Social Media – More web time is spent on social media engines such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and so forth. There is a way to communicate to that audience without making it feel like you are making a sales pitch, and we can help you with this.
Local SEO
Small businesses such as electricians or restaurants don't need a global presence, but a LOCAL presence. There are ways to get you found on maps, and mobile phones. We can help.
Boston Area Businesses, Consider This...

Why Work With Us

I run a small and agile studio where I keep an eye on every project we work on.

My name is Filip and I am the owner and chief designer at I started this studio 20+ years ago after I finished college. I graduated from Cornell University in 1998 and started my business in 1999. is my Boston web design agency offering web design, WordPress site and LOTS of SEO services.  The goal of the business is to provide everything needed for companies and not-for-profits to be noticed online.