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Why Internal Linking Matters for Your SEO Strategy

Internal links are a key factor in the structure of your site. They help users & search engines understand the layout of your site and know the most important pages. Internal linking helps websites rank higher in search results by redistributing authority throughout the site,

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What is Local SEO?

(Enjoy this article that I wrote for my main company Digital808 Boston Web Design) Local SEO involves optimizing sites to rank very high for a local region; community focus optimization.  A physical business such as a restaurant, a plumber or a laundry service primarily services

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Successful SEO on a Limited Budget

Recently a potential customer asked me an SEO question and I wanted to use my conversation with her as a learning opportunity for other new small business owners to learn a little bit from.  I hope the following post clears up a few things and you

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Keyword Friendly URL’s Help Your SEO Score

The URL structure is an important factors in search engine optimization. It’s one of the signals that tells the search engine what your page is about, and it’s also what makes your page stand out among the other pages on a SERP. There are three

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Organic SEO
Organic Search Engine positioning – This involves heavy optimization of content and keyword research, proper write up, mapping and more to make sure that search engines fully understand everything about your products and services.
Adword Campaigns
AdWord Campaigns – This service involves setting up small ads that you will pay per click. Writing an appropriate ad that targets your audience, your audiences location, demographics and so forth is a bit of a balancing act. The good news is we know how to do it!
Social Media
Social Media – More web time is spent on social media engines such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and so forth. There is a way to communicate to that audience without making it feel like you are making a sales pitch, and we can help you with this.
Local SEO
Small businesses such as electricians or restaurants don't need a global presence, but a LOCAL presence. There are ways to get you found on maps, and mobile phones. We can help.
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I run a small and agile studio where I keep an eye on every project we work on.

My name is Filip and I am the owner and chief designer at I started this studio 20+ years ago after I finished college. I graduated from Cornell University in 1998 and started my business in 1999. is my Boston web design agency offering web design, WordPress site and LOTS of SEO services.  The goal of the business is to provide everything needed for companies and not-for-profits to be noticed online.