Keyword Friendly URL’s Help Your SEO Score

The URL structure is an important factors in search engine optimization. It’s one of the signals that tells the search engine what your page is about, and it’s also what makes your page stand out among the other pages on a SERP.

There are three types of URL structures: hierarchical, flat, and deep linking. Hierarchical URLs are a series of words separated by slashes, like Flat URLs are just one word followed by a slash and then another word, like Deep linking is when you use keywords in your URLs to make them more SEO-friendly, like

There is more evidence now that shows that search engine AI is reducing the relevance of a keyword inside of a URL, but because the writing a URL is a relatively quick thing to do when making new pages, I still encourage everyone to bake your most important keyword that your page focuses on right into it.    

I suggest that you Customize your website’s URLs so that it is descriptive of what your page covers.  Some users may quickly scan the page URL and should immediately get an idea of what the page will be covering. 

Tips for Building SEO Friendly URL:

  1. use Keyword(s) that your page talks about
  2. use hyphens (-) between your words
  3. spell out numbers (“4 Methods to SEO Optimization” should be “Four Methods to SEO Optimization”)
  4. Make sure the main Keyword is a) within the URL, b) within the title c) within your H1, H2 and or H3 tags and d) try to link from other pages to this new page by that keyword.


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